Outboard System

Flushing your outboard engine is part of the boating lifestyle.

SuperFlush provides the best marine engine flushing technology for outboard engines.

Our patented technology blasts away corrosive build up in your outboard engine and extends the running hours: protecting your engine and your lifestyle.

For single or multiple outboard marine engines, SuperFlush is the perfect marine engine flushing solution.

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The SuperFlush SF 200C Series
Designed to be affordable and installable on most popular brands, including Evinrude, Honda, Mercury, Suzuki, and Yamaha, from 40-350 horse-power, 2 & 4 Stroke engines. Kit comes complete with everything needed.
Part # SF-200C

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The SuperFlush ACS-3S Auto Flusher
Ideal for twin and triple engine large displacement outboards. Built from the best Stainless and Alloy components. Digital status readout and a built in flush counter keeps track of maintenance. Fully automatic, turn on main power, attach a water hose and it flushes all engines in 15 minutes then shuts off. Works in or out of the water. New EZ install kits for Mercs, Yamahas, Suzuki's, Honda, and Evinrude's. A must have for any boat with triple's on it.
Part # ACS-3S

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