Multi Engine

The ACS 2 or 3 System is an affordable and durable, fully automatic SuperFlush master control system designed for use with the SF 200 C unit for outboards. The ACS –Series uses a custom logic system designed and manufactured by SuperFlush Systems in conjunction with alloy and stainless steel components for complete reliability and years of trouble-free service. The 12 VDC systems is Plug n Play.

This breakthrough technology will greatly extend the service life of your marine engine, reduce maintenance related cost, reduce breakdowns, and save your time and money.

  • FlushStar 2 Brochure
  • FlushStar 3 Brochure
  • FlushStar 3 Brochure


SuperFlush‘s advanced corrosion control technology can greatly increase the life of marine engines and reduce maintenance cost by reducing corrosion, the number one cause of in-field failure. Nothing is even close.


It takes only minutes to flush two or three engines, not hours. Just hook up a hose and in five minutes, each your engine is SuperFlushed, in or out of the water without running the engines. So, even if the boat is in the water for an extended stay, the engines can still be flushed.


Since it isn’t necessary to run the engine for SFS to work, you don’t waste money on gas. There’s no noise, air pollution or polluted runoff.